NorArm Tactical

Partners and brands


Trango Systems

We are an official distributor for Trango Systems and their innovative shoot house kit, which is in use by military units and homeland security agencies around the globe. This modular shoot house kit is an advanced training infrastructure that simulates an urban environment that will allow you to experience live fire in a closed space with no risk of ricochets. It is lightweight, modular, withstands extreme weather conditions, such as rain and snow, and allows you to take your training to a whole new level. For more information, please reach out to our Training Wing at


Gravity Industries

We are proud to sponsor the Gravity Industries pilot team, who are utilizing our Kandahar Combat Uniforms during training and exhibitions with their jet suits worldwide.

Befalets Fellesorganisasjon

We are official partners of Befalets Fellesorganisasjon, or BFO, Norway’s biggest union organization for the Armed Forces. If you are a soldier, NCO or officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces, you may be eligible for one of our Kandahar Combat Shirts when signing up as a new member. Contact BFO today and inquire about our products.

Forsvars- og Sikkerhetsindustriens Forening

Forsvars- og Sikkerhetsindustriens Forening, or FSi, is an interest organization for the Norwegian defence and security industry. With about 180 members, FSi is a focal point for foreign contractors seeking cooperation with Norwegian companies in relation to Norwegian defence procurements abroad and international collaborative programmes.


Founded in Norway and with more than 140 years of experience, Daletec has become one of the leading fabric manufacturers in the world. We are proud to work with Daletec, who is supplying us with our state of the art NYCO Stretch fabric through their dyeing- and printing range at Sapphire Finishing Mills in Pakistan.