NorArm Tactical was founded in 2019 by Milan, a Norwegian Army veteran, and Thomas, an active duty soldier in the Norwegian Home Guard, with both of them serving in elite units within their respective branches.

The idea behind NorArm Tactical was to create high-end tactical clothing and gear based on their collective experience. Experience made on the sun scorched hills of Afghanistan, the bloodstained plains of Iraq and the frozen mountains of Norway. Hence our slogan, made from experience.

Since the launch of the first products in 2020, NorArm Tactical have quickly become compared to some of the more well established and high end-brands in the tactical community, despite being a small company run by just two guys. Using a network of technical experts, active duty soldiers and by visiting conflict zones and personally gearing up fighters, NorArm Tactical have been able to develop and improve innovative clothing and gear, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Company information

Legal name: Norarm AS.

Norwegian organization number: 922 733 031.

Address: Industriveien 16, 1481 Hagan, Norway.

NorArm Tactical is a member of Forsvars- og Sikkerhetsindustriens Forening, or FSI, an interest organisation for the Norwegian Defence and Security Industries and the primary interlocutor for the Norwegian government in matters of importance to the industry. Read more here.

Befalets Fellesorganisasjon, or BFO, is Norway’s oldest and biggest trade union for military personnel. NorArm Tactical is a proud partner of BFO and offer discounts for their members. Read more here.

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