NorArm Tactical

Kandahar size chart

Please read this page carefully before buying the Kandahar Combat Uniform.

Note: Our long pants have the exact same measurements at the regular ones, but are 2 inches/5 centimeters longer at the inseam.

To make sure you choose the right size, we would recommend the following. Find one of your existing uniforms or some similar clothing, and take measurements as shown in the graphic below. Once you have your measurements, compare it to the size chart below the graphic and remember that the size chart shows the actual measurements of our uniforms. Make sure to measure and compare both shirts and pants individually, you might not be a medium in shirt even though you are a medium in pants. If you have any questions regarding size, feel free to contact us at

Small Medium Large
Arms: 30.5 Arms: 31.5 Arms: 32.0
Chest: 35.0 Chest: 38.0 Chest: 43.0
Waist: 33.0 Waist: 35.0 Waist: 37.0
Inseam: 31.5 Inseam: 32.5 Inseam: 33.5
Arms: 32.5 Arms: 33.0 Arms: 33.5
Chest: 48.0 Chest: 51.0 Chest: 53.5
Waist: 40.0 Waist: 42.0 Waist: 44.5
Inseam: 34.5 Inseam: 35.5 Inseam: 36.0
Small Medium Large
Arms: 77 Arms: 80 Arms: 81
Chest: 89 Chest: 96 Chest: 109
Waist: 84 Waist: 89 Waist: 94
Inseam: 80 Inseam: 83 Inseam: 85
Arms: 83 Arms: 84 Arms: 85
Chest: 122 Chest: 130 Chest: 136
Waist: 101 Waist: 106 Waist: 113
Inseam: 88 Inseam: 90 Inseam: 91